BBC 32. Its all about Wine

2 things spring to mind whenever I think of Blaauwklippen Wine estate: my parents visited it on their honeymoon (I recall seeing a faded picture as a child) and secondly, their Zinfandel! More recently however, I have had the privilege of getting to know Rolf Zeitvogel, Cellar Master and Managing Director thanks to the fantastic Nicolette Waterford.


Nicolette owns Waterford Communications, a boutique communications consultancy that concentrates on managing the reputation of various companies and organisations, predominantly in the wine and tourism sectors.

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Daisy me Rollin'

I have a favourite joke with which I have garnered many laughs and silly as it is, I told it about 3 times today! It's a great "Knock, knock" joke and before you... knock it, know that even mild fans of Hip Hop music LOVE this joke! Its better performed than scripted but... oh well:
Knock, knock!
Who's there??
Daisy who??
Daisy me rollin' dey Hatin'... hahaha

Daisy me rollin
We saw so many Daisies!!! Wow!

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Swimming Kittens!!

Two fishermen in Alabama were out on the Warrior river fishing when they caught something a little bit different... Watch how two kittens swim across to their boat!! Thankfully, they pulled the two kitties out and saved them. So cute!! This video has instantly gone viral with over 3.5 million views

#Unexpected Twist

An unexpected twist to my day was being invited, recently, to participate in a promotional shoot for... well, I can't say actually!! Its still a surprise and when it "pops" into the market it will certainly be rather revolutionary! All I can say for now is think: Cork, Wine & #UnexpectedTwist. Now watch this and see if you can work it out;)


Ever wondered...?

So you may have wondered what it is that I do exactly when I'm "Off the Mic"? Well, I try my best to get back ON the Mic actually. One of my passions is Voice over work or Voice Acting or Voice Artistry; whichever you choose, it's always exciting and interesting for me. That's because the work is varied and includes a certain amount of pressure. Why pressure you ask? Well sometimes you can have a Live Studio Audience of up to 10 people!!

Recording Studio 1 resized

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